Oh tuesday with my le le

My dear little one,
You are turning into a little boy before my eyes. I am always in awe of what you know and how well you listen. We have to be a lot more careful when talking around you! Your favorite thing in life is the beach right now. Obsessed isn’t even comparable to how much you love the water! We love it! You are completely swimming without floaters and comfortable, even with the big waves! We dig holes to china, make merman and mermaids, chase birds and crabs and most of all you go surfing! Just like the big kids as you would say!
I hope you never lose your love for the ocean! It’s one of Gods best creation ( my opinion ).
I love you my sweet boy,




Dear little king


Le’i you crack me up.  I think you get more clever everyday.  I am so proud to be your mama. Today we laughed and played in bed for most of the morning.  You kept  asking to play but it sounded like you said pray. So I would start praying for you and you would just start laughing “No, mom I said play”.  Over and over again.  It’s these mornings I love, when its still quite and all you want to do is cuddle.  You are the worlds best cuddle buddy.  I can see you are growing so much every day. Your vocabulary is growing rapidly the last month, sometimes your dad and I just smile at the things you say.

Today you went with Tutu (grandma in Hawaiian) to help feed the hungry. You love it, you ask all sorts of questions.  When you returned you were so excited to tell me that you helped and that” we love all people mom”.  It melts my little heart.

Such a proud mom