September Full of New GOALs

September is like having New Years a little early. It’s a kick start to what lies ahead ( at least in my head). School starts, new clothes the weather is changing, and at this point your still excited about studying.
This september is huge this year. I am not only living in a new country I am learning a new language and well a new way of doing life. So with all this change I decided to have some personal goals.
1. 90 day challenge- fitness and getting the body I want. I am not fat and I know that but I don’t feel and look my best and I am over that! Plus who doesn’t love a good work out. Makes me feel so good an by the looks of it the weather is about to get pretty sucky! Join me in this 90 day challenge! I love it! Plus you can get it free if you get 3 people to join you!  What could be better then that!
I will post before and after pictures!
2. 40days of Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren – why this you might ask. Why not. This book has been laying around our house for years. When we were packing I knew it was time to do. What a better time to find out why I am here on this earth! You to can get the book here! I am likin it. Some deep questions to think about. You can buy the book here.
3. Learn Svenska (Swedish)- this is clearly a given! I start my swedish for immigrants tomorrow. I am excited and nervous. How cool is this if I pass to a certain level by a year the country gives you 12,000 kronors! Umm heck ya! That’s almost 2,000 US dollars.
4. Cooking- yep I am going become a great cook! 🙂 at least I hope! Trying to make things from scratch. So this blog might start to get a little foodie on here!

That’s my goals. Do you have any goals or do you wait for till new years? Let me know. If you do a post with your goals let me know so I can read!


First day of the 90 day work out!


In love with my shakes.


40 days of Purpose Driven Life


Meeting my teacher and my new school


HAHA Here we go!

Sorry I thought this posted on my phone. I guess not this should have posted on Tuesday!

Do you regret

Do you regret never traveling when you had a friend or family member living in a place you have always wanted to go?  I do!  My sister and her husband lived in South Africa for 5 years and we never made it.  Granted they and us both thought they would be there for a couple more years.  We were scheduled to go when my sister gave birth to her son, but we got an unexpected little boy.  Who was the greatest gift (another blog post coming soon) we have ever gotten.  We couldn’t get his passport because the adoption process just started. So there went South Africa. Then the next thing we knew they where moving.  Ahhhh wait we want to come see this beautiful land with you!  We want to see your home, where my nephew was born, the orphanages you worked in, the fields Morgan played professional soccer I want to see all the places that took your breath away, the country you fell in love with and still wish you lived in.  I wanted to see the lions, tigers and the beautiful people.  Oh how I wish timing was in our favor in this. One day I will take you and you will show me this amazing land.  I love you my sister thanks for being a risk taker, for letting your husband follow his dreams in becoming a professional soccer player. You went not knowing any friends and made some of the best friends, you knew the journey would be worth it.  Thanks for showing me home is really where your heart is you had one with us and on in Africa.  When I think about how hard it might be to live in Sweden I think “get over it your baby sis did it”. She had no one but her husband.  I have friends and Mr.’s family.

I am sorry I never came to you see you!  I’ll visit you in California. HAHA love you

This is their cute little pink house.  Its actually a pretty famous part of South Africa called Bo-kaap, in Cape Town.

How cute are her husband and son!





The last two images are from google images.

I just love the Mr.


I just love this boy! I don’t know how I got this man! He is loving, kind, sweet, God fearing, hard working, best dad….you get the point!

I am so thankful he puts up with me!

Anyway this is us. My son took these images (he is 4 and sometime takes better pictures then adults) he seems to think he is a photographer as of late. The only bummer thing about that is I need up with a ton of random images! Oh let’s say 50 images of grass, 25 of dirt and 20 of the sky! I love, seeing what his little eye sees!

He told us what to do in these images! The best is he told us to kiss like we are getting married. We where laughing do hard!

The whole point of this post is just to say I love my Mr. and my son!

They steal my heart!




Happy Times!


I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  It is crazy to think this might be my last fourth of July in a while.  I think the fourth is one of my favorite holidays.  It is always so much fun.  Kids running around, parents and friends chilling, brqs blazing and fire works.  What more could you ask for.? Happy Birthday America.

Speaking of America my husband at the end of this month becomes an American Citizen.  Crazy!  Yes, we (haha he) took the test on July 9th and he has his oath ceremony on the 31st.  I swear, I felt so sick waiting for his interview.  You just feel so helpless. He now knows more about America then most Americans.  It was actually quite fun helping him study for the test ( They are asked 10 random questions about the US history they have to get 6 correct in order to pass and whole bunch of other stuff).  I am not going to lie I kind of felt like I was in movie.  Like the “Proposal” or “Green Card” its no joke.  I am so glad this is over!!!!  BTW he got all the answer correct.

That means we bought our tickets to Sweden.  Yes we leave on the 1st of August.  I can’t believe this move is really happening.  Sweden will now be my new home.  I will have to learn to speak Swedish, my baby boy is going to grow up speaking Swedish.  I am so excited but also a little sad.  I love my Hawaii.  She beautiful, she is warm, she is friendly, is Aloha.  At least my parents are still there so I know I will be back.  I mean who can resist her warm water?  Not us!

Packing completely sucks!  No really! It is the worst. You realize how much junk you have saved, and bought and then you have to try to fit everything into a bag……ehhh yes. I want the little fairy packers to come. I feel like all I am doing is moving one mess to the other side of the room.

Well I must get back to packing we are shipping two bags out tomorrow.

This is getting real my friends.

Honest Blogging

So I am not new to blogging, but telling my thoughts. Yes that is new!  Images that’s another thing.  I have never quiet perfected being a good blogger! Oh I have tried and tried. I have all these ideas and things I want to share, sometimes I just get down on my self. You know the usual self doubt  (not pretty enough, not a great writer, do people really want to know what I think….etc). I know I am not the only one.

The thing is I want to be real.  I want to be authentic and talk about what I love, what I am feeling, how hard it is to be a mother, a wife or how awesome my husband and son are.  How sometimes my style is crazy, yet simple and me.  How moving to Sweden is going to be an adventure and how I can not wait to learn all things Swedish.  How my cooking will most likely be improving since there is not Betty Crocker boxes (they make most things from scratch….help).
Reading blogs at times and think wow I forgot to land on the perfect planet.  Here are things I can promise you there will be some grammar errors, funny things, photography, learning how to cook, most likely a ton of images of my son and how imperfect I am!

xoxo   (not going to lie every time I write that I think of gossip girl)


Quality Time

If you have sisters (best friends) you know what it’s like when you all get together. It’s magic. It’s like fireworks of laughter, love, joy and just happy tears! I have been so blessed with amazing sisters! Sisters who challenge me to be better, who speak life into my life. The thought of us all leaving in a couple of weeks already makes me tear.
This is us!
The baby sis is missing. She is on her honeymoon!Image

His mighty wonders


God I am so in wonder of your creation! You make the most beautiful things. The other day while at the beach I was so in awe of the clouds! They we’re stunning. Thank you for the wonderful world you created for us. I know I need to thank you more for the things in my life! This clouds made me stop and ponder about life! I pray I may stop more often and enjoy you more!