Rainy days with mom

I am not going to lie its raining cats and dogs in Hawaii. No really! This is not very normal. We were playing in the rain and our friend walked by and took some picture of me and my son.  I love that we have matching boots.  My mom got his pair at a garage sale and mine or from wal mart.  We don’t have a many rainy days but today was a down pour. The crazy thing is the rain is suppose to last till Monday.  UMMM Hawaii this is May not Dec.  Should be an interesting weekend.

Have a great weekend loves.

P.S. looking at some of these images I think I will be working out the next couple of months. I miss my body. 😦

The weekend

The world is at your feet

This weekend we were at the Freedom Surf Contest all this weekend.  It was so much fun.  Le’i is in love with the ocean, honestly I think he might be part fish.  He never wants to get out.  Each time he goes in his swimming improves and his love grows.  My sister did really well in the compition. She took 2nd in women’s shortboard division and 3rd in women’s standup.  Needless to say I am so beached out.  Way to much sun.

Freedom Surf Contest

Horrible blogger

So my cousin wrote on my blog today telling me I was horrible at blogging.  I must agree!  I am enjoying life way too much I guess.  Lately I just have not been in front of the computer that much.  We just returned from a three week trip to see family and Mr’s brother get married.  It was an amazing three week.  These images where all taken in McCall, Idaho. Umm did I tell you that they told us Hawaiian that it would be spring time in April? Yes. It snowed, and there was snow up to my knees.  It was so much fun. It was the most I had seen snow and Le’i first time.  More to post later.  I hope you all had a great weekend. I still can’t believe its May.  We miss all our Swedish family! Please come back.

HI Friend

The dreamers

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.  Hopefully it will be updated often with the things that make me happy.  I am a dreamer, sometimes it gets me into trouble.  This is the year I make things happen.  The dreams must come alive.  I invite you to come and get to know me.  I hope I will inspire, motivate  and changelle you in my process.

Things you might expect from this little blog: things about Hawaii, fashion, my style, photography, family, love, passion, home decor and inspiration. At least I hope