Honest Blogging

So I am not new to blogging, but telling my thoughts. Yes that is new!  Images that’s another thing.  I have never quiet perfected being a good blogger! Oh I have tried and tried. I have all these ideas and things I want to share, sometimes I just get down on my self. You know the usual self doubt  (not pretty enough, not a great writer, do people really want to know what I think….etc). I know I am not the only one.

The thing is I want to be real.  I want to be authentic and talk about what I love, what I am feeling, how hard it is to be a mother, a wife or how awesome my husband and son are.  How sometimes my style is crazy, yet simple and me.  How moving to Sweden is going to be an adventure and how I can not wait to learn all things Swedish.  How my cooking will most likely be improving since there is not Betty Crocker boxes (they make most things from scratch….help).
Reading blogs at times and think wow I forgot to land on the perfect planet.  Here are things I can promise you there will be some grammar errors, funny things, photography, learning how to cook, most likely a ton of images of my son and how imperfect I am!

xoxo   (not going to lie every time I write that I think of gossip girl)


Quality Time

If you have sisters (best friends) you know what it’s like when you all get together. It’s magic. It’s like fireworks of laughter, love, joy and just happy tears! I have been so blessed with amazing sisters! Sisters who challenge me to be better, who speak life into my life. The thought of us all leaving in a couple of weeks already makes me tear.
This is us!
The baby sis is missing. She is on her honeymoon!Image

His mighty wonders


God I am so in wonder of your creation! You make the most beautiful things. The other day while at the beach I was so in awe of the clouds! They we’re stunning. Thank you for the wonderful world you created for us. I know I need to thank you more for the things in my life! This clouds made me stop and ponder about life! I pray I may stop more often and enjoy you more!