Swedish love

So I want to start a new thing on my blog and I wanted it to be about Sweden. Meaning a designer, brand, food, place, people….etc you get the idea.  As I am here living in Sweden I learn something almost everyday that I am amazed by. Swedes are incredible people.  With many skills and you would be surprised how many things you have in your house that are Swedish.  I figure Fridays will be my Swedish highlight blog post.

It looks like the best little candy shop.  It’s all decorated like the 30s and 40s.  Plus the girls that work there dress like it too. From what I understand it’s not a uniform it’s there way of life.  Oh I would have loved to live in the 30s and 40s its one of my favorite decades.  Even my engagement  ring is from that time.


candy store sweden photo



It is in Stockholm which I do not live, but I can not wait to visit this little store.  It will  be on my list of things to do when I visit the city.

For Christmas this year the Mr.’s cousin made homemade candy that looked very similar to theirs. It was so good we couldn’t stop eating it.   How good theirs must be.

One thing I love about Sweden is they have candy every where.  I am talking every where!  But the funny thing is the kids eat candy only on Saturday.  They call is “lördagsgodis” which means Saturdays candy.  The kids stuff them self silly with candy on that day. The idea behind it is kids will only it candy once a week which will help with dental issues.  Not sure it works or not.  We have loved bringing  this rule into our house.  If Le’i is given candy he knows he can not have it till Saturday.  The only problem now is that he ask almost everyday if its Saturday. We love going to the candy shops. It makes me think about how our parents rode their bikes  saved their 5 cents got a coke and candy. At least I heard those stories.  Next time I will take some photos of the candy store.  Although you can also buy them just in your local grocery store ( which where most people buy).

I hope you have enjoyed this first little post about something Swedish.  If you know there is something here and you would like me to find out about it drop me a line.

Image from their site.