Do you regret

Do you regret never traveling when you had a friend or family member living in a place you have always wanted to go?  I do!  My sister and her husband lived in South Africa for 5 years and we never made it.  Granted they and us both thought they would be there for a couple more years.  We were scheduled to go when my sister gave birth to her son, but we got an unexpected little boy.  Who was the greatest gift (another blog post coming soon) we have ever gotten.  We couldn’t get his passport because the adoption process just started. So there went South Africa. Then the next thing we knew they where moving.  Ahhhh wait we want to come see this beautiful land with you!  We want to see your home, where my nephew was born, the orphanages you worked in, the fields Morgan played professional soccer I want to see all the places that took your breath away, the country you fell in love with and still wish you lived in.  I wanted to see the lions, tigers and the beautiful people.  Oh how I wish timing was in our favor in this. One day I will take you and you will show me this amazing land.  I love you my sister thanks for being a risk taker, for letting your husband follow his dreams in becoming a professional soccer player. You went not knowing any friends and made some of the best friends, you knew the journey would be worth it.  Thanks for showing me home is really where your heart is you had one with us and on in Africa.  When I think about how hard it might be to live in Sweden I think “get over it your baby sis did it”. She had no one but her husband.  I have friends and Mr.’s family.

I am sorry I never came to you see you!  I’ll visit you in California. HAHA love you

This is their cute little pink house.  Its actually a pretty famous part of South Africa called Bo-kaap, in Cape Town.

How cute are her husband and son!





The last two images are from google images.