September Full of New GOALs

September is like having New Years a little early. It’s a kick start to what lies ahead ( at least in my head). School starts, new clothes the weather is changing, and at this point your still excited about studying.
This september is huge this year. I am not only living in a new country I am learning a new language and well a new way of doing life. So with all this change I decided to have some personal goals.
1. 90 day challenge- fitness and getting the body I want. I am not fat and I know that but I don’t feel and look my best and I am over that! Plus who doesn’t love a good work out. Makes me feel so good an by the looks of it the weather is about to get pretty sucky! Join me in this 90 day challenge! I love it! Plus you can get it free if you get 3 people to join you!  What could be better then that!
I will post before and after pictures!
2. 40days of Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren – why this you might ask. Why not. This book has been laying around our house for years. When we were packing I knew it was time to do. What a better time to find out why I am here on this earth! You to can get the book here! I am likin it. Some deep questions to think about. You can buy the book here.
3. Learn Svenska (Swedish)- this is clearly a given! I start my swedish for immigrants tomorrow. I am excited and nervous. How cool is this if I pass to a certain level by a year the country gives you 12,000 kronors! Umm heck ya! That’s almost 2,000 US dollars.
4. Cooking- yep I am going become a great cook! 🙂 at least I hope! Trying to make things from scratch. So this blog might start to get a little foodie on here!

That’s my goals. Do you have any goals or do you wait for till new years? Let me know. If you do a post with your goals let me know so I can read!


First day of the 90 day work out!


In love with my shakes.


40 days of Purpose Driven Life


Meeting my teacher and my new school


HAHA Here we go!

Sorry I thought this posted on my phone. I guess not this should have posted on Tuesday!