Little red house.

I can’t believe it, we finally have a house.  I think I pinch myself everyday!  I am so thankful the search is over.  When friends said it was hard to find places to live in Gothenburg or the surrounding areas, I thought to myself I am not picky so it should be fine.  AH! I wish being picky where the problem.  Ok its stupid crazy how hard it is to get a house, apartment, or a shared room(not that we wanted a shared room).  Basically there are way to many people trying to live here.  You have three universities, plus your normal business and then people who just want to live in the city add that all up you get “NO ROOM IN THE INN”.  On top of that you fill like you are auditioning for the apartment.  I have never had to write so much about ourselves to get somewhere to live.  In Hawaii if you can pay the rent you can have it.

So on to the happy news, we have a little red house.  I am so excited to start decorating and feeling like I am settled.  I have loved the house we have rented for the last three months everything about it has been perfect, but not my home.  I will forever be grateful for it and the memories but I can’t wait to make new memories in our little house.  I can’t believe we have lived in Sweden for almost three months.  CRAZY

Red house: two rooms, two bath, living room, kitchen and a cute little deck!  It’s in the country. Its perfect. Its only 30 min drive into Gothenburg. Its country and city at the same time.  We keep joking that for my birthday Mr. is going to buy me a lamb to start our farm. HAHA Not really going to happen but it could.  I told him I just want to make it through our first winter.  The nice thing is our neighbors have horses, and sheep so Le’i and I am sure will go there often to see the animals.

If you can’t tell I am just a little excited about our new little place. I don’t have any pictures of the house but I will put some up asap.  We don’t get the house till the end of the month.  I will post before and after images of the place. I feel like after this move Sweden will start to feel like it’s really my home.

Update on how we are doing: Le’i is in pre-school and loving it. He is picking up Swedish so fast. I am amazed.  We walk to school every day 15 walk, and we love it. We talk, pray, and just enjoy holding each other hands.  I swear he is getting smarter, more attitude, and making us laughing even harder.

Mr. he is fine.  Being our rock as we learn the language.  Make me laugh everyday.  Getting used to being back in his country after being gone for 15yrs.

Me. Good now that we have a place to live.  School is ok, I don’t love it.  I feel like I am not learning much right now. I can not wait to crack the code. My tan lines are almost gone.  I laugh when I think 10 celsius is warm.  Excited for the winter and christmas.

Here is a picture because every post is best with a picture. Lei baking with Mr. cousin and morfar (grandma)



This and That

So I thought I would start a new little section on my blog called “this and that….what  i am loving lately”.  I would love to say I came up with this idea all by myself but I didn’t.  My friend who also happens to have Hugo(my yorkie) step-brother ( I know us animal lovers are so crazy,the fact that I call him step-brother is funny).  She did a post about what she was loving lately. I loved it.   So I decided I was going to do one too.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Let me know if do a post like this.


This is my night stand besides my bed (only until dec 5th, we have to find a new rental) but I love this little space.  There is nothing fancy about this end table. A couple a 2x4s and some white paint, but it works.  First, my favorite pictures of the Mr. and I.  We have so many memories from this shoot that we still have some inside jokes.  Lets just say the Mr. isn’t a big fan of taking pictures even though he is dashing.  Can you believe there is yarn on my end table… nope me neither!  This year I decided I was going to learn (ok I might feel a little pressure bc every swedish lady can knit). Over all I suck at it! But I am learning. My mother-in-law gave me the needles and the yarn.  Heres to some cute scarfs.

This as to be one of my most favorite things ever. My vintage Limoges shell.  I have had this since my freshmen year of collage, collecting my rings, bracelets and necklaces.  My mom and I found it at a garage sale when we were setting up  my room.  Its been next my bed since then.  It’s the perfect size and I love the little bit of gold with the pink.  Next our my fabulous bracelets from Washed Up.  These are very popular in Hawaii. I think every girl has them.  At least it seems.  Not every girl has picked their own shells!  Lei and I picked the shells and the glass.  Which make them even more dear.  She doesn’t have a site yet but you can order from her Facebook account.  Totally worth it!

The small little picture of the Mr. is a little frame my mom gave me when I went traveling after I was married. Moms are the best!  This has also ended up at my night stand since she gave it.  Not really my style of frame but that’s why I like it. It has little birds on it, and if you know the Mr. he loves birds. 

My face loves, loves, loves this lytic gel face wash.  It feels so fresh after washing, even mr. use it. I can not rave enough about this wash.  All the products are fantastic if you ask me. Check them out here.  I guess they are big in Japan and in Britain.  Here is there blog, they have great tips.

This Accent cameras I found in a second-hand shop here in Sweden.  I love it and can’t wait to use it!  Raise your hand if you love film…. me me me. 🙂


ahhh I just love these little guys!  Le’i looks so cute in them.  I die.  I found this also at a second-hand store here in Sweden for 5 dollars… It really does make you hollar!  Cause these babies are the real deal, lamb skin and I think moose or deer hide.  Little kids in moccasins are just too cute.  You can get some like this here.

So this is what I am loving!  I hope you like it. What are you loving?


Sorry I didn’t realize how small the font was in the pictures. Next time will make it a bit easier to read.