Sunday Mornings

So here is what I wore today at church! A little leopard with some hot pink! Nothing like starting your morning off a little wild!
The best part of this morning was waking up and skyping my sister and my god-son! They are so fun! Husband was mad because I made us late for church! Oops

We have a friend visiting from Sweden, I really enjoy having guest over! All you need to do is bring them to the beach and they are so entertained! Speaking of the beach I am typing this from the beach!





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Sunday mornings

So this is what I wore to church on Sunday! My husband thought I should be playing tennis. What do you think?One thing for sure is Hawaii is not used to the preppy look unless you are staying at a resort! The skirt (jcrew)and the long sleeve ( liz sport) are from the salvation army! Looking back I think I should have ironed my skirt! 🙂 hoping to start posting more of my styles.