Learning a new life!

Sweden in some sense has been a whirlwind for me.  So much has happened in 5 months.  We have moved more than three times, traveled up north (9 hrs one way) twice, seen beautiful days and not so beautiful days!  In Hawaii we were beach people, like we went to the beach more than once a week. Now we are living in a winter land where it has been -10c for the last couple of days…. freezing for these beach going people. Le’i three days ago finally said mom I really want to go back to Hawaii its to cold.  That’s not bad since we have had winter since late October.  Today our heating went out…… you can only laugh. As I write I am sitting with my uggs, scarf, and a lot of layering.  But I swear that s what makes living so fun.  We are bundled up dogs and all and watching Cake Boss.  Le’i has now asked for every cake they have made on the show for his birthday. Mr. and I just laugh.  It just a bit we are going to help our neighbors in their barn. They are adding new stable  for the horse.


Ok so horses….. my dream! When I was little I think I asked for a horse every year for my birthday till I was 16.  No really!  Of course I knew I was never going to get one.  We were poor and my parents had four children. You do the math! Anyway since being in Sweden horse are all around me. I love it!  Plus our neighbors are so kind and let me ride.  God is good.  He always has a way of showing His children that He loves us.  Here are some images of us up north with Stefan’s aunt horses. These are Icelandic horse, which seem to be very popular here in Sweden.  You ride them completely different, needless to say I have learned the hard way.

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We are back!

I have not blogged in forever…. first we finally moved into our house. Yeah happy dance! It’s perfect for us! We love everything about it. It’s small and needs some (a lot of) work, but who doesn’t like a little hard work. We feel so blessed. Its our little country house!

It feels so nice to finally have a permanent place.  For the first time in 5 months we have our own home.  We can stay in it as long as we want! I actually feel  like I am finally living in Sweden.  Plus we finally have internet. We didn’t have any internet for over a month.  I thought I was going to go insane, but I also loved it.  So much quality time with the family.

Also I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year.  I was sick and in bed before 12. It was a 24hr flu or something.  HAHA plus we are getting old, we could barely make 12 anyway.

It’s really good right now in Sweden, like freeze your butt off. It’s a huge change for Le’i and I but we are embracing it and loving all that this winter wants to bring us!

I am very excited for 2013!  Change is coming and I am embracing it with open arms.


So here is too hip hip hip horray to 2013




Simple love

I still got butterflies.. yes its true, by golly!

Monday after school I stared walking home (I have about a 20 min walk once off the train)its cold rainy in Sweden not fun to walk in. 5 minutes into my walk this happened.

I reached the top of the hill on the other side of the hill (it’s a U type hill) I saw my boy. I couldn’t see his face but I knew it was him. He was walking to meet me so I didn’t have to walk alone. There that moment time stopped. I was overwhelmed with the sweetness of his simple love. The inner butterflies leaped, I felt like time was frozen, maybe it was. I didn’t know if I should run, cry, or laugh. I did all. I breathed in the cold air and walked off the icy chill of autumn. As we walked towards each other I could see his face I smiled, he smiled and looked away sheepishly embarrassed at his gesture to love me. I let out a little chuckle, happy giggles!  The autumn leaves fell under my feet as my walk was turning into skipping. Longing for his embrace I could see in his eyes; I was this girl he feel in love with 12 years ago and continued to fall in love with me everyday. My heart sang, what have I done to make you love me ? As we reached each other he kissed me, grabbed my hand like he was saying. I will alway love you and will always try to show it. His kindness unleashes the butterflies!  You have taught me how to feel the butterflies over and over and over again!

So here is one of the many moments, of pure joy and delight. Our marriage is truly built on how we can bless each other and it rocks my heart all the time. I hope I show him the selfless love he shows me all the time. This week go out of your way to be unexpectedly thoughtful. Everyone loves a surprise especially if it’s some you love dear.

Happy weekend lovers.


I know its not the best image but every post is better with a picture.